Every Hot Chocolate on a Stick is handmade in our chocolate kitchen. We unite yummy milk chocolate with chewy marshmallows and mold them directly onto the end of a wooden stick.


Each Hot Chocolate Stick comes individually wrapped with instructions:  (1)  heat up 200mL of milk, (2) pop in their stick, and (3) stir.


And then enjoy an amazing chocolate drink with cute little marshmallows on top.


Works great with coffee too!


This item is giftable. Perfect for giveaways, holidays, stocking stuffers, birthday parties, etc.

Bulk Hot chocolate on a stick (132 +)

80 Grams
  • The product can only be ordered in groups of 12.  This price is only for orders over 132 individual pieces that weigh 80g each. Please use the appropriate bulk product order that suits your needs.