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Since 2015, Nerdies say again and again, we're creating one-of-a-kind bite-size brownies and cakes.

The secret lies in our carefully measured recipe that uses the best ingredients coin can get. No pesky preservatives, no nasties, and made without gluten.

For a start, every batch of our baked goods is freshly made-from-scratch to order. (If they sat around waiting, they’d go all dry and wrong.)

Boss Nerd, our founder and Head Baker, bakes them all herself. And each brownie and cake goes in its own little tin. We'd never make one big slab then slice it up.


Because that way, everything is perfect: Brownies with crisp outsides and soft middles. Little cakes wrapped in golden brown. Heaven.

Once they’re cool, we package them up and Boss Nerd writes your personal message on the inside. Then they’re sent safely packing, to arrive within 48 hours.

So, thanks for all the love and support over the years. We cherish each glowing review and every thank you email.