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Why are Bake Nerd baked goods so popular at weddings and meetings? Maybe because of our uncopyable patented recipe for an unforgettable experience:

Awesome aroma, a forkful of fluff, and fun flavour prepared with passion and vision. 

Party favours are nice, but often end up collecting dust. Let you or your clients leave a lasting impression instead with our Minis, DASHES, and DOTS, unforgettable sweet gifts as unique and special as the host.

We've shown a few ideas here, but there's always more. Give us a call.    

Needed branded or personalised baked goods? Ask us how.

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Bite-sized brownie

End your party with a favour that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you want a custom combo or one of our classic flavours, we'll help ensure your party is extra sweet! 

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Bite-size cake

Great as party favours and for kids. As cute as they are delish, Bake Nerd DOTS' fluffy cake, creamy icing, and intense glaze flavours can chop-and-change from classic vanilla to decadent red velvet to exotic fresh orange juice at your will. Plus, there's every-changing seasonal flavours! (Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?)

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Right-sized cake

A custom cupcake that matches any design or flavour craving.  Featuring your client's favourite cake shrunk so it fits in their palm. Melts in your mouth, delicious hard-to-come-by icing and filling, our Minis holds a very special place in the hearts of everyone who sinks their teeth in them. Bake Nerd Minis are just right for morning meetings, afternoon weddings, and after-work networking.

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We fulfil last-minute orders in 72 hours or less.


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Bake Nerd does not use products with a ‘may contain wheat/gluten’ statement.

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Bake Nerd hand delivers straight to your event in Melbourne. 6 days a week.

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