Sweet Celebration!

Bake Nerd does more than just bake. We make memories.

And it all begins after the first magical bite. Why are Bake Nerd baked goods so popular at weddings and meetings? Maybe because of our uncopyable patented recipe for an unforgettable experience:

Awesome aroma, a forkful of fluff, and fun flavours prepared with passion and vision. 

Party favours are nice, but often end up collecting dust. Let you or your clients leave a lasting impression instead with our Minis, DASHES, and DOTS, unforgettable sweet gifts as unique and special as the host.

With over 100 recipes and counting, the Bake Nerd range is always an adventure. We've worked with a number of brands to their surprise and delight, and we can't wait to share our bite size treats with you!

If you’re interested in having Bake Nerd create a bespoke experience for your team or clients, please ask for an Event Request Form. Completing the form does not guarantee booking. A Bake Nerd representative will follow up with you within 24 hours of your request.

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Right-sized cake

A custom cupcake that matches any design or flavour craving.  Featuring your client's favourite cake shrunk so it fits in their palm. Melts in your mouth, delicious hard-to-come-by icing and filling, our Minis holds a very special place in the hearts of everyone who sinks their teeth in them. Bake Nerd Minis are just right for morning meetings, afternoon weddings, and after-work networking.

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Bite-size cake

Great as party favours and for kids. As cute as they are delish, Bake Nerd DOTS' fluffy cake, creamy icing, and intense glaze flavours can chop-and-change from classic vanilla to decadent red velvet to exotic fresh orange juice at your will. Plus, there's every-changing seasonal flavours! (Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?)

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Bite-sized brownie

End your party with a favour that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you want a custom combo or one of our classic flavours, we'll help ensure your party is extra sweet! 

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"Easy to work with, clients love the difference."


Bake Nerd Promises



We fulfil last-minute orders in 72 hours or less.


Without Gluten

Bake Nerd does not use products with a ‘may contain wheat/gluten’ statement.

No Fuss


Bake Nerd hand delivers straight to your event in Melbourne. 6 days a week.

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Please contact us on:

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