Here at Bake Nerd, we’re all about surprising your nose and tongue. A bunch of Melbourne geeks who love blending a precise mix of our secret combo of gluten-free flours, range-free eggs, creamy butters, sugars, fresh fruits, and 100% natural flavours like freshly roasted cocoa beans or Madagascar bourbon vanilla. 

Take a bite. Taste the Science.

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Our passion creates delicious bite-sized brownies and cupcakes, made from scratch. And their tininess means you can enjoy them in a bite or two and in multiple flavours without the guilt.

A phenomenon we've dubbed Mollycoddling Pampering.

(Yes, they're real words.)


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Bite size cupcakes

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At every Bake Nerd market appearance, you'll find something yum to sample and a very friendly technician who will guide you through our baked goods journey.

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Hi. I'm the Bake Nerd.

The Geekiest Baker on the Planet

I'd like to give some context to what we do (in two minutes or less.)

What I do isn't baking science ... Hold on, yes it is.

And I blame my love for experimenting with baking without gluten on my two little sisters with celiac disease. As I grew up, I recall thinking, why shouldn't they have yummy stuff too?

Then back in 2015, I had the bright idea of Bake Nerd in my tiny, tiny kitchen (i.e, The Lab) in Melbourne. I love creating exotic bake stuff, and wanted to connect with others also tired of the same old, same old. 

A brainstorm with my Lead Minion led to three criteria:

  1. Be playful

  2. Be creative

  3. Be yum

So it's no surprise some quirky flavours have come out of my Lab. Salted caramel. Peanut butter. Quadruple chocolate. (Geez, that was dangerous.) Bacon and maple syrup. Yup, you read that last one right.

I next started serving these amazing small cakes (We call 'em Minis and Dots.) in stalls at farmer markets on weekends. In almost no time, loyal customers, whom I refer to as Nerdies, lined up for the limited editions. (My strawberry & champer Minis look dear and tastes divine, and if you're a lemon-lover you must try the tart and tangy lemon Dots topped with a swirl of lime buttercream.)

My baking creations have since evolved into our signature Brownie Points. Packed full of brown and totally soft inside. We can’t get enough.

These delish baked goods are available online. Order a 6-pack of Dots or Dashes or Brownie Points (or all three) and then drop me an email with a grade.

Word on the Street

Thanks that Humble

"They were the best part of the party!"


"The pain-free way to get brownies."


"Honestly, I was shocked when I was told they were gluten-free."


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Amazing is as amazing does

If you’d like to taste one of our goodies in person, tell Ted. You'd like emails from Ted. Ted knows a lot.