Birthdays & Gatherings

Let them eat cake! ... or brownies.

Friends dropping by and a melt-in-your-mouth cocoey treat would go great with coffee while you chat, but there's no time to whip up 24 yummy brownies.

Or perhaps your little one's birthday's happening soon. However, the massive amount of work involved in baking and icing a heap of perfect cupcakes makes you cringe.

Don't worry. 

Bake Nerd understands. And we're here for you. 

Bake Nerd absolutely outdoes itself when it comes down to at-home special celebrations or brief indulgences. We never fail to hand over freshly baked goods that are made without gluten. And can lay them out on attractive displays, if you need them. 

We've shown a few ideas here, but there's always more. Give us a call.

And once you and your guests pop one of our bite-sized baked goods in your mouth, you'll be surprised how amazing our fillings and toppings taste—passionfruit, maybe a couple of sprinkles ... a bit of salted caramel .... or perhaps something really out there. (We're talking peanut buttery Bananarama chocolate.)

Doesn't matter. It's your choice.



Bite-size brownie

Who can resist a great brownie? Which is why Bake Nerd freshly-made Brownie Points are a real crowd pleaser. Not only do they add variety to your menu; once you taste its rich coco brownie and indulgent centre, Brownie Points will knock their socks off.

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Bite-size cupcakes

Great for weight-watchers and kids. As cute as they are delish, Bake Nerd DOTS' fluffy cake, creamy icing, and intense glaze flavours can chop-and-change from classic vanilla to decadent red velvet to exotic fresh orange juice at your will. Plus, there's every-changing seasonal flavours! (Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?)

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Right-sized cakes

A longtime favourite. Featuring your favourite cake shrunk so it fits in your palm. Melts in your mouth, delicious hard-to-come-by icing and filling, our Minis holds a very special place in the hearts of all of our customers. Bake Nerd Minis are perfect as a mid-afternoon snack or after-dinner treat.

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"The kid's absolutely loved them!


Bake Nerd Promises

Raising the Bar

3-Day Turnaround

We fulfil last-minute orders in 72 hours or less.

Made Without Gluten

Bake Nerd does not use products with a ‘may contain wheat/gluten’ statement.

No Fuss Delivery

Bake Nerd hand delivers straight to your special occasion in Melbourne. 6 days a week.

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